How to link a page on browsers refresh button

Hi ,    I have a requirement that when I click refresh button on the browser I should be in page  which currently I have opened. But for its always goes to dashboard page. Can anyone  suggest me how we can achieve this. Here I am explaining in detail We are having Custom Login Page. After login I will landing into Dashboard page ( 1st page) On clicking any row in the Dashboard Search result , it will open another page  ( 2nd Page).  On clicking any link 2nd page it will go 3rd page .  Now If I click refresh button from browser its goes to Dashboard page ( 1st page) Actually My requirement is If I click refresh in 3rd page , again I want to see 3rd page only   =============================================================== Updating Screenshot after try Rishi Sundar suggestion. 
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Hi vijayakumar t,

Have some url for the page. For eg., Have URL as ‘a’.

This will make refresh in the same page.