Converting a1800 column spreadsheet in a web app

  Hi We are looking at converting a 1800 column with about 40 rows into a web application.   we would need to ingest the data from the spread sheet. The columns can be grouped together, we can spread the columns into multiple entities. Would need the ability to edit these columns as needed. Some of the columns will be used to produced 2D & 4D plots with the data.   Challenges:  How do we ingest the data? How to design the UI so that user comfortably navigate through 1800 columns as close to a spread sheet so that data can be edited? What library to use to plot the graphs?   Any suggestions or reference material will be greatly appreciated.
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So here are a few pointers from my end about your case:

1. Inserting the data into Mendix can be done with the excel import module from the market place . You can create an import template based on your excel file. What you do need to do is create an domain model with entities that represents this data in a good way.

2. I would do the excel import in the following way: first create 1 or 2 ‘flat’ helper entities. When you import the data you map your excel directly into these entities. After the import action you use a microflow to transfer the data into your ‘real’  usable entities in the app.

3. With regards to the UI, you could go with datagrid 2 and try and create an excel like view. You could also try and find a way that the user does not have to see 1800 columns in one page.

4. With regards to the plots, you could use the chart widgets from the appstore:

Hope this helps!


Bhanu, would there be an opportunity to “flip” the view from 1800 columns and 40 rows to 40 columns and 1800 rows?