How to load same page after Refresh browser , Page URL option not working

Hi , When we refresh a page if we want to load same page again we need to enter URL attribute in Page I just added some string in that URL field but when I refresh browser I am getting following error.   Following is my Page structure Custom Login page Dashboard page after login having a datagrid On click of any row it will show another page which having detailed information and add logic ( Having Dataview as page parameter ) So If I refresh from detailed page I should again see that page but I got this error. Can anyone support on this.
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Hi Vijayakumar t,

I tried your issue, after giving the URL to a respective page, it shows me an error,” Page not found”.

What I did is, I’ve committed the main data view’s object. After committing, If I refresh the page, it stays on the same page.

  1. Have URL like this         /a/{Id}
  2. Commit the main dataview’s object
  3. Try refreshing


Hope this helps!