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I have a brand in which we have multiple company which will be having multiple key convenants . so a user will click on brand it will show him key convenants tab in that key convenant tab i require 2 dropdown for company and year which will filter data and change the table data on basis of dropdown value.how to acheive this  
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Hi vaibhav,

You can achieve this functionality byt creating a filter entity(non- persistent) and declare its attributes on the basis of the names of the company and year. 

place a data view around the list and set the data source to microflow. in the microflow place a create object(filter object). 

now apply two text boxes one for each attribute and then, apply on change event to call a microflow. in the microflow, just refresh the filter object.


Now inside the data view, place the list view of the object which you want to show the data of. And in the data source set it to microflow.

in the microflow retrieve all the objects from database which have the company name(which you entered )  and the year( which you entered). the company and year will be available to you since your list view is nested inside the dataview.


Now you can easily filter the objects on the base of the entered data.

you can prefer another method by :


following the same process. but during the retrieval of the whole data of the list view in the micro flow you can set the selectable objects in the list view. according to the entered data in the data view.


hope it helps!


Hi Vaibhav,

You can add search parameters to your datagrid. You add a search field, you can set it as a dropdown. Unfortunately dates attributes can not be set as dropdowns. So you can make the company as a dropdown, but not the date.

Hope it helps!