XLSReport: custom column headers

Is there any way to have the column header names come from an attribute rather than coming from the hard coded values I type in the worksheet settings?   In theory I could have the first line of the data I export be the custom header names, but this means the detail attributes would have to be STRING instead of numbers/decimal, so when I export, I get these excel warnings that I have numbers stored as text, and they’re treated like text in the spreadsheet.    I ask because sometimes the header names are dynamic (such as having a column for each month but I also want the year to show up in the header, which could change depending on which year I’m exporting. This is just ONE example, but I found other reasons also when dealing with pivot style data)  
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Hi Brian,


You can change the MxData.Name into a calculated variable. That way you can make it dynamic. Because you can use a microflow to set the value of the column header.

Please be aware that this is also the case for MxStatic data so be sure to adjust it correctly that it will also resemble the correct static data if you have any.