Try to correct: Time zone issue: audit was started in india time zone but it looks like data base is using EU or CET time zone..

 hi mendix developers i have a doubt about time zone..actually i have a time zone issue in my user audit tool project, audit was started in india time zone..but it looks like database is using EU or CET timezone..but i want to these eu or cet time zones will be moved to indiatimezone..How can i change these timezone formats into india timezone..can anyone explain it..
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DateTimes are stored in UTC behind the scenes and are translated to local time in your application as necessary.

From the documentation:

“Coordinated Universal Time (UTC): The platform stores all dates in the UTC time zone. This is a time standard that is often used in servers to provide an unambiguous date format. It does not change with a change of the seasons (DST). Every time a date or time is presented to the user it is localized to the time zone of the client unless specified differently.”

There is also a DateTime FAQ that gives some more information.

Hope this helps.


thank you..Robert..