AnyChart just spins despite microflow datasource finishing

I have a dashboard page set as my home page and it has 4 different AnyChart graphs (one donut, one line (with two series), and a couple bar charts). They all have microflows as the data source. The logic behind it is a little complicated, but not that bad. When the page first loads it's fine... even with a lot of data it only takes 5 seconds to run.  As I navigate around the rest of the site and then LATER click my "Home" menu (which calls a microflow that takes the user to this home page), the graphs just show that loading circle icon for a whole minute.   I added logging to each of the microflows. I can see each microflow executing and completing in less than 1 second each most of the time. At worse, one microflow takes 2-3 seconds to run. BUT despite them all being complete, the loading bar just hangs for a whole minute and often the browser freezes up and I get that popup that asks if I want to wait or close the browser.   There is nothing unusual in the Mendix logs. In the browser developer tools I often see 404 errors. However these errors show up even when the page loads quickly for the first time, not just when it hangs. I'm not sure how else to figure out the problem.   The data that the microflows retrieve are actually summary tables. I made sure it doesn’t even pull from the main data. I created a nightly process to summarize/aggregate my data that way it would be very simple and there would be very little associations needed to pull from for these graphs.   The reason for using microflows for the data sources is because I have an associated “parent” object used to keep track of filters such as dates. When the user changes the date and clicks an “update” button, the microflow re-runs with the current criteria. I don’t believe this can be done with just plain database/xpath options.   I’ve also streamlined the page to make it as simple as possible. I had the graphs in a tab with other tabs that had data widgets. I got rid of all the tabs and just kept the charts and nothing else.. thinking that maybe I had too much going on. So now it’s just a single page with these graphs.. but it still occurs. The only difference I noticed after I got rid of the tabs was this: When I had the tabs, and I clicked on HOME, instead of going to the home page that “loading” blocking bar would just show on whatever page I was on and it would sit there for a minute or two and freeze and then EVENTUALLY I would get to the home page (which was then loaded with the graphs) After removing the tabs, the HOME page loads, but these graph/chart spinners spin for 1-2 minutes.. and then they finally show the graphs. So getting rid of the tabs at least would help the home page load, but it feels like the problem is the same.   I will try to post a screenshot in a reply to this post because for some time now, Mendix's forums have ben very buggy when trying to post.  
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Here is what my developer console looks like