Applying Css to Grid

I applied the css  Colour styling for the Particular column in Datagrid. Basically the column is  Grading System need to give differnt colour styling.So applied If Else statement in the appearance Dynamic calss    if $currentObject/RandomNumber<=1000then 'bg-green'  else 'bg-red'  then its showing only  green,else statement is not applying to that column,  why the Else condition is not working.
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It should Work. Check if ‘bg-red’ is the correct class name and see if the Class exists. 

If you feel the above 2 are correct, try to swap the Class name, and keep red for the true condition, since you told me green is working properly which is a true flow, and see if Red is appearing.

If Red is not appearing, the CSS class is wrong or something is wrong in the CSS for the red class. if Red is coming in true flow, it is a bug in the widget itself.