Display 3D Image ThreeJS

Is it possible to implement ThreeJs in Mendix App?    If yes , please give the detailed steps if you have already done it.    I want to display .stl files. 
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Open Command Prompt and navigate to the right folder using cd --your-app-folder--/javascriptsource/--ModuleName--/actions.

Run npm install three.

In the JavaScript action, use the following code to import the library:

// Option 1: Import the entire three.js core library.
import * as THREE from 'three';

const scene = new THREE.Scene();

// Option 2: Import just the parts you need.
import { Scene } from 'three';

const scene = new Scene();

Also, you can create a React Widget also to do the same thing


do you find a solution, i create a js but dont know how to assembly it into page