Need help in dynamically loading the page

Hello all,   I have map where I marked three locations in it, on each marked for now I have put “do nothing” as on click action. I have 3 microflows  where each microflow returning list of objects. I have 3 tables in home page as well and its data source is 3 respective microflows. Now, I want my web page to have one table and it should show the list of objects when I click on particular marked location on the map. How do I do all this? Thanks in advance I am using Mendix 9.19.0
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Hi Pavan,


I think the best way to do this by using conditional visibility. You can have the onClick on your map to set a boolean, which you use ase a identifier for ‘visible’ or ‘hidden’.  


Something like : Onclick → call Microflow -→ in the microflow set attrBoolean = not(attrBoolean). Then use the boolean in the container (visibility property) that holds you object list.


This boolean is either true or false and it repondse on the value you give when clicking on your map.


Hope this wil get you going,