Best practise to tell browser my app has been updated.

What is the best way to tell a browser that my app has been updated?    I recently updated some css only after pressing Ctlr – F5, the new css (main.css) is being used. Also after clearing cache and cookies, I still have the problem. First it shows the wrong css then pressing CTRL F5 it shows the correct css.   - my app is published as PWA - In anonymouse modus I don’t have the problem (off cource). - Telling the browser never to use any cache would be a waste of resources       
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Hi Dibyanshu did that and didn’t work. What i now did and seems to work, is that I changed/increased the cachebust id in the index.html.

Only I dont know if thats the proper way to do it. 




Hi Leon, 

I don't think there is any way to show any popup which notifies the user that app is updated.

Try cleaning your deployment directory and re run your project. 

Hope it helps. All the best!!


I have published a module that contains a snippet to update the PWA on a client device, but this is based on model version:

Perhaps a solution?