Data source microflow keeps calling

Hello,   I have an issue where the microflow used as a data source keeps calling when I open the page.   The microflow is used to call a list view that is inside a datagrid ( so in hierarchy : Page → datagrid → List view), I needed the search feature in the datagrid as the data in the list view reaches hundreds of rows.   Please kindly help in finding out the issue as the page cannot load when the microflow keeps loading.   Thank you in advance.
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Hey William,
In the datasource microflow, there might be a change activity or create activity, that maybe refreshing the parent object, causing
the page to infinitely.
Pls check which of the activity is causing the parent object to get refreshed, and uncheck the refresh option.
The refresh is represented by a blur circular ring in the activity,
you can refer to the image below, for checking the refresh activity,

Let me know if you face any issues,
Hope it helps!


This may happen with a refresh in the datasource microflow


Hi william samadi refreshing object inside the DS_microflow will result in this .The DS microflow itself is for the refreshing of the object which is passed  so no need of having another refresh.