Couldnt upload file in File Dropper

Hi, I just want to check regarding the issue which we got while uploading file into the file dropper. As per the code logic the maximum allowed size is 5mb.But when user tries to upload 2mb file it appeared to make progress for a while, and then shows the error: "Error saving files! Error: Request failed with status code 560". Based upon the logs seems like Timeout exception error. Could you please help us know what causes this issue.PF the attachments for reference.   Note: We are not connecting to any secondary server to upload the files. Mendix db will stores the uploaded files.
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Concurrently, how many users try to upload file ? That should be the problem when so many open connections to the mendix server.



This is the error screenshot.


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This might solve your problem: Mendix Community - Question Details


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If I understand the issue, I present some insights, and potential solutions

  1. This error suggests that the upload process took longer than the configured timeout limit (30,000 milliseconds or 30 seconds). It could be due to network latency or an issue with the file upload process itself.

    • Potential Solution:
      • Check the network stability during the upload process.
      • If this issue persists, you may need to adjust the timeout configuration on the server side, if possible.
  2. Intermittent Issue: The logs mention that it's an intermittent issue, and it cannot be recreated consistently. Intermittent issues are often challenging to debug.

    • Potential Solution:
      • If the issue is intermittent, capturing additional logging and debugging information during the upload process might help identify the root cause.
      • Consider logging more information about the upload process to understand what happens during the failed attempts.
  3. File Size Limit Exceeded (413 Request Entity Too Large): The second error log from the sandbox environment indicates a "413 Request Entity Too Large" error. This error typically occurs when the size of the file being uploaded exceeds the server's configured limit.

    • Potential Solution:
      • Check the size of the files being uploaded to the sandbox environment.
      • Verify the server configuration for file size limits and adjust them accordingly.
  4. Network or Server Configuration Issues: Issues related to network connectivity or server configuration could also contribute to these problems.

    • Potential Solution:
      • Ensure that there are no network issues between the Mendix Studio Pro and the sandbox environment.
      • Verify that the sandbox environment is correctly configured to handle file uploads.


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