onValidation and the Validation feedback activity

Hi. My custom widget calls a microflow that calls the  Validation feedback activity. Despite I pass the callback property “onValidation” the callback isn’t called and the success callback is called and then the regular validation pop-up appears. My goal is to intercept the validations from the microflow and to display them in a special manner in the widget. I thought that using “onValidation” would allow that.   execConfiguredAction: function (microflowName, paramObj, resolve, reject) { function getContext(obj) { const context = new window.mendix.lib.MxContext(); const entity = obj.getEntity(); context.setContext(entity, obj.getGuid()); return context; } function validationCallback(validations) { console.log(validations); }{ params: { actionname: microflowName }, context: getContext(paramObj), origin: this.mxform, onValidation: validationCallback, callback: resolve, error: reject });  
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