Buttons no longer appear after DeepLink execution

Hi all, The project I'm working on is in the process of being upgraded from Mendix 7 to 9. One feature is redirecting the user towards a third-party payment page. Previously, this redirection was done using a, now deprecated, widget. We've updated redirection to now use a nanoflow. We've noticed that the user's session is ended at the redirect (not sure whether this is due to new security settings or just because using a nanoflow). Previously, there was a DeepLink was initiated to navigate the user to the page they were once the payment page redirects back to the application. We've added a Java action to sign the user back in (similar to that of the Forgot Password-module). The action is working, and we are receiving the correct user with their user roles. However, the buttons that has user roles assigned to them no longer appears, which indicate that it's a security issue. The strange thing is that once you refresh the page all the buttons re-appear as they should. This appears to be all the buttons, such as the sign-out and menu items and also buttons in a list. Anyone with any experience such behavior and how it can be fixed?   UPDATE: It appears the session and its associate user is updated, however the $currentUser remains an anonymous user causing the issue. Any suggestion on how the current user can be updated to the correct user?   SOLUTION: We managed to solve the issue by specifying the page URL and using a nanoflow to redirect to the desired page
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