Separate Datagrid for list of data

I have committed a list of data in an entity and I want to show it in a separate data grid or list view. For Example :                          5 students details I entered and committed Then I want to show these 5 students’ details in one  DataGrid, Again I entered 3 students’ details and committed Then I want another Datagrid for 3 students. is it possible?  
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You should be able to do something like this, creating semi dynamic datagrids, by creating an object for every commit of a number of records. So the first 5 creates 1 commitobject that is associated with the 5 student records, the second commitobject is associated with the 3 studentobjects. Then show a listview for the commitobjects that have a nested datagrid with the students over the association with the commit objects. That way you’ll get a list of commitobjects with the datagrids of the students with the different lists.

Not completely sure if this will cover your requirement fully though, but this is a possible solution based on the somewhat limited info in the question.