Widgets inside a Data Cotainer?

Hello, I’m trying to create something like this image...but I realized that we cannot put widgets inside a data contanier. Does someone know how to do it? What I care the most is the check box validation part.  Look what I have:
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Hi Brenda,


You can do this using the “Data grid 2” widget. It would look like:




The Comprobante is an enummeration: 



The enumeration:


The visibility options of the icons:


The Validar is now a Radio button. Should you desire two checkboxes, just make 2 booleans (and some onchange logic to toggle the other).


I you get stuck, just ask.


Go make it.


use the dataGrid2 instead. That widget allows you to add widgets inside the grid rows.

another option is to use a listview, and model it like a grid using a layout grid