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how can we create input field  on UI only when we field the data then it will save on database
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There are several ways to do this. I will show you a way to do it.

  1. Create two entities. One non-persistent entity to hold client data. One persistent entity to hold data stored in the database. 
  2. Create a non-persistent entity object on the client side using a nanoflow.
  3. Call said nanoflow on a page using the dataview widget and add input fields for each attribute in that entity.
  4. Create a microflow that takes the non-persistent entity as a parameter. Add a create object action and set the values.
  5. Add a call microflow”button in the dataview and call the microflow you made in the previous step. And done.

I added example images that should be in order.

This will only allow you to create new objects. If you want to edit them, you need to fetch persistent data from the database using a database, XPath, or a microflow. You can apply what I showed you in these 5 steps and think of other ways to handle the flow of data. For instance, what will then happen if you swap out the nanoflow with a microflow?