Design mode appearance doesnt correspond to how it looks in the app

When I’m looking at the app in design mode I see my wizard is designed in the way it’s supposed to (or the way I want it to look like). But when I’m running the app locally the arrows in the wizard is overwritten by a grey color. I’ve been looking at the page source and see nothing that stands out.   Since I am quite novice in CSS I don’t know really where more to look at. I have been checking thoroughly that all the steps are having the correct wizard class assigned to it. Also been comparing Wizard_Arrow_Step in Atlas_Web_Content and can’t find anything there.     Design mode:   In local mode:  
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Hi Benjamin,


Design mode has limited utility.  It can give you a preview of what the framework of your page will look like which can be helpful.  However, it does not take into account visibility changes on page widgets due to security, conditional visibility, or empty context objects.


In your specific case with the wizard I would guess that the disappearing second step is related to one of the visibility conditions listed above.  You may want to try some of the following troubleshooting steps:


  • Check that the user has access to the whatever the second wizard step links to as it may be security related visibility.
  • Be sure there are no explicit visibility conditions on the container widget surrounding the second step
  • Check that all the steps are visible on every page of the wizard


Hopefully one of these ideas gets you pointed in the right direction.