How to Re-render form in modal pop-up

Hello, i want to add multiple form with address – fields on button click.    so, its possible to create a another address for the person on add more button, i want below pop-up on click add more button.     using add more button i want to store multiple address for the person.
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This is possibly by using the Person as page parameter. Then in the data view show all the Addresses of the person over association. When a person then clicks the add More, create a new address and associate it to the Person.

If you then use a change object and only refresh the Person, it should show the newly created address also in the modal pop-up.


Hi ,

Add a Person as Page parameter.  Add List view which will use the association to show the data . In List view design the Page like above . In the Domain model make sure you are using One-Many association between person & Address .

Before going to above page make sure yoiu have created One address object .

On click on Add more call a microflow , Create Address associate it with Person and triger refresh page and it will be reflected on the page . 

I hope this will help you.