Sticky footer scrollbar after scss styling

Hi,   I’ve enabled a bottom region on a scroll container in a layout with scroll behaviour set to ‘per region’ to make it a sticky footer.   When I apply custom styling in my scss that makes the content higher (adding top/bottom margin for example)  I get a scrollbar for the footer, but when I apply the same styling via the Style field in the properties pane (bad practice for maintainability and specificity) all goes well, no scrollbar.   Any thoughts about why this is (maybe mx calculates and sets the hight of the footer before applying custom scss styling?), and if there’s a solution to make it possible to style this with scss?
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scrollcontainers have a lot of “hidden functionality” that interact smartly with other elements.

because of this I find them very unpredictable.

I would recommend just making a container that can grow to the max size, and adding flex or grid styling to them.

Maui9 framework has this build into every page (because of full sized scroll areas with different background colors)