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Hi everybody,   For an application we are building we want to be able to show a video to the user without the use of an external site for hosting. The build-in widget seems to only accept a video link from Youtube for example. A HTML snippet could work but I do not know if this will autoplay or if the user is able to control it. Has anyone experience with a (simple) Marketplace module or a different solution that is recommended for this use-case? Thank you in advance.
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Hi Patrick Koppenjian, you can use a separate entity(eg: trial video entity) and gendralize with the File Document Entity to to save the Videos with the name. In the page where you want to show the video you can add an video icon and call a microflow and to retrieve the video with the name in X path and it can be retrieved and shown in a popup page where the video object is passed in show page activity. In the pop up page you can use trial video entity and add file document viewer and java script snippet outside the data view. enable the jquerry to version 1.12.4 and enable refresh and use this code in java script snippet





}, 1000);

$(".close").on("click", function() {

$(".videoBtn").attr("disabled", false);




now the video will be automatically played within Mendix without the help of other platforms


Hi Patrick, I would still go for the hosting via Vimeo or YouTube. You could make the video not publicly available, and allow only people with the link to have access to the video. 


Hi, Patrick, I am a beginner, i met the same problem as you asked, however i can’t work it out with above instruction by myself, so could you please give me a hand with a simple demo.


Thank you very much in advance.


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Hi, Patrick

Sorry for late response, I understood what you mean, thank you very much for your timely feedback.