$CurrentObject validation problem

Hi, I am from a non-development background and I have built one small application using Studio Pro.   Here is what I am doing and the problem I am facing.   On the landing page, I have some blocks of text within a data view. The data view is connected with a Microflow  that returns an object. I am simply doing show-hide validation based on expressions like this – “$currentObject/[AttributeName] = empty”. It’s working fine for all the attributes, but in one place I also have a download button that downloads files from a  file entity. When I am trying to validate on “$currentObject/[AssociationWithFileEntity] = empty” it’s not working. Any idea what I am doing wrong?
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This is not called validation but conditional visibility if I understand your question. In 9.22 this works fine as long as you use

$currentObject/MyFirstModule.Customer_MyFileDocument != empty

Don’t add the the entity after the assocation /

$currentObject/MyFirstModule.Customer_MyFileDocument/MyFirstModule.MyFileDocument != empty