Is it possible to change the width of the layout grid dynamically?

I am just struggling with the layout grid problem, as I would like the window to maximize to the full screen, when the button is pressed. However, because of the 'desktop width' setting, I am unable to do this. Is it possible to change this size dynamically of layout-grid using a class?   (from auto-fit content to auto-fill, depending on the boolean variable)
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You could possibly do it with dynamic classes. The differnce between auto-fit & auto-fill is the following in css-classes:

Auto-fit = .col-lg-auto .col-md-auto .col-sm-auto .col-auto

Auto-fill = .col-lg .col-md .col


I'd make 'm auto-fill, and depending on your boolean variable dynamically add the -auto classes, they should overwrite the base classes.