Language translation for data retrieved from database

Hello, I’m able to translate texts in app using batch translate but having trouble in translating text which are created by user and displayed in UI. I have usecase in which I have one dropdown with options retrieved from database, among these dropdown selection values I want to define translations somewhere like if dropdown option is ‘ABC’ (in english) then translation should be ‘PQR’(in other lang).  Please let me know how I can fix this problem, any solution or workaround for this problem is appreciated. Thank you.  
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Hi Rahul,


You are using a dropdown that is using an entity attribute. Mendix does not have entity attributes that can hold different values for different languages.

If there is a way to use enumeration values, use those. Enumerations do have different captions for different languages.

A possible workaround could be using multiple attributes in the entity like 'AttributeEnglish’ and ‘AttributeSpanish’. Then use multiple dropdowns with the different attributes. Based on the language of the user you can show the correct dropdown.


Hope this helps!