Fill vertically a row in a layout grid container

hi I feel completely stupid as I’m not able to implement something super simple with the layout grid container : I have 1 layout grid with 3 rows. The row in the middle has to fill the space vertically (which means that the 1st row has to be displayed on the top of the screen, and the 3rd row at the bottom). with Bootstrap it should be pretty easy using the “align-self-stretch” class, but it doesn’t work. If I add “h-100” class to the 2nd row, then the 3rd row is displayed outside of the viewport (which means that a scrollbar appears) Any idea?  Thanks
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Hello François !

Maybe you can try to create a layout, with a top, main and bottom containers. With this, the ‘top’ container can stick at the top, the ‘bottom’ one at the bottom, and you can place the content of your 2nd row in the main container