Data grid - content formatting

I have a data grid with a few columns that utilize bullet points to separate content.  The rows of the grid are allowed to flow vertically based on the amount of content.  My goal is to display each bullet point on it’s own new line.  I have been able to do this by adding an html snippet with some jquery(see below), this works great when the page loads.  However if I set the refresh on the data grid it wipes the formatting.  Is there a way to attach a script to a data grid refresh so the desired formatting is maintained?  I understand that using a jquery script in this way may not be a best practice but nevertheless my stakeholder only is concerned with the end result.   setTimeout(function() { $( ".mx-datagrid-data-wrapper" ).each(function() { jQuery(this).html( jQuery(this).html().replace(/(?!^)(•)/g, '<br>\$1')); }); }, 500);  
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