Library/Cheat Sheet of commonly used classes for popular widgets

Whenever I get into styling I find myself hunting across documentation, the forum, and Google searches to find classes that I can apply to my widgets to style them without having to create customer variables in the CSS and SASS files. Is there a library or cheat sheet available for commonly used and existing classes that can be applied to the most commonly used widgets? The widgets I am thinking of are Layout grid, Data View, Data Grid, Container, Table, Button, Text, etc. I haven’t been able to find one to date and I don’t know if it doesn’t exist or if I am looking in the wrong place! 
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Hello All,


I’m also facing the same challenge of finding suitable classes for my widgets.  Could anyone please help with this?  Really appreciate your help.





this is a bit of a catch 22.


often times I am asked “can I have a document with all the classes and what they do”…

seems like a fair request, right.

well, the problem is the compiled CSS is exactly this.

its too much.

Mendix's solution to this is design properties (which have their own issues)

another solution is how we approach this with Maui9, there are only about 20 classes to learn, and that should help you style 95% of your pages.


it all comes down to process.

Someone should own your design system, and know what classes to add where, if this is not the case, each dev will find a pragmatic solution, but eventually cause technical debt.


not sure this helps :D

We are currently working with LowCode Academy to create guides around this subject.