How to configure a basic textbox like the login textbox characteristics

Hi, I am trying to mimic the characteristics of this loginIdTextBox in a basic text box. When the login textbox is active, the label moves into the corner and thats the action I would like to happen in a normal textbox. Ive tried copying the code found in the dev tools with no success.   Pictured are the loginIdTextBox & the code I found when inspecting and attempted: Any help would be greatly appreciated.    
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Hey Jimmy!

There is a guide about how to achieve this, I havent tried it myself yet (will do in the near future).

Let me know if you can use this to rebuild this feature!

BTW, Maybe you should look into detail for more css, to help you, check the :before and :after Css AND also the hover/active states. This might give you more details in the css.