How to switch the display of screen items depending on the situation

Hello, I have a question I would like to ask everyone. Is there any way to keep a button on the NewEdit screen from appearing when a certain value is not yet entered? For example, in the example in the image, if nothing is set in the User main role field, the button "Decide User Main Role" will be displayed when the screen is opened, and if the value is entered, the button will not be displayed. I know that Visibility can show and hide checkboxes, but I would like to limit it to cases where there is no value in the entity's object. Please advise me if you can help me. Best regards.  
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you will need to use visibility with an expression to decide when the button should be visible. To do this you will need to first set the expression on the button for visibility that only displays the button when the attribute is not empty. When that is done you will need an event microflow to refresh the page on the change of your specific attribute.