css file related issue

UI of my project are not showing  like color of buttons navbar etc how can i resolve this
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did you follow the guidelines from Mendix?

They’re available here: https://docs.mendix.com/howto/front-end/customize-styling-new/


Looks like you change tried to either edit the theme of the project or you did changes to the layout or both.

You can do 1 thing:

  1. Keep this project aside
  1. create a new project and run that to generate all files in the local filesystem properly
  2. open this new project in your File explorer and go to the theme directory and go inside the web directory and copy all the files in it
  3. go back to the filesystem of your old project(the one which has the issue)
  4. go to theme directory > web directory > overwrite all files and folders with the contents you have copied
  5. run this project and see if all works

good luck