resize the pop-up window when another row is added.

In the project i'm working on the problem is as follows  There is a pop-up in which you can add multiple rows (Listview that only shown when rows are present) starting without any rows (so not shown). Without anything special added the propup fits the content and when you add a row it wil just add it to the page and show a scroll bar which is far from ideal, since the page is rather small.  So the 2 solutions i've found so far are:  - Adjust the width and height to fit an X amount of rows. (which would create quite a large whitespace without any/little rows present)  - Close/Open the page in the flow. This would give the proper screen but with a slight flicker which is also not quite ideal.    Would anyone have a better solution to this problem?     See the screenshot for an example: 
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