mendix wont update the styles when running the app

Hello experts, I have asked this question in a similar way here but no luck.. When I edit any stylesheet and run the app I dont see my changes I see the file That I did my changes but not the changes. The file is as it was for example: In mendix studio pro I edited this file: I then run the app and no change has been applied I check my sources through inspect element and nothing.. I have also tried other css and scss files, nothing changes if you can give me a way to fix this even by adding new css files (which I have tried) it would help a lot. I dont know if it has anything to do with this but the app is a pwa sap blank app with these modules the only way that works is if I apply some styling from the properties of the page:   Thanks in advance
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Check to see if anything is switched off in exclusion-variables for your project. I see you’re using the SAP blank app and it may turn off all Atlas styling