SVG images on Android devices

Wonder if anyone else has come across this.  I have an app that uses SVG image files.  On my iOS device the images displays as expect no issue.  But when I run the app on my Android device the SVG image do not display.  The app is a react native app.  Any ideas on how I can the images to display on the Android device?   From Android Devic   From iOS device: 
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Hi Giovani Favis,
on working with SVG images on Mendix native apps
some elements are un-supported on the svg and will experience an issue where SVGs are not visible in the Make It Native testing app.
When deploying changed SVG images, it may be necessary to clean the deployment folder first. In Studio Pro, click on App > Clean Deployment Directory. When recompiling, any new images will now become visible in the Make It Native app

have a look on this

Narendran Jaganathan