Scroll container push content aside toggle mode keeps hiding my sidebar as soon as i click out of the region

Hi   In one of my projects I am using the left region of a scroll container to display my navigation bar and am currently working on the tablet pages. I want the user to be able to click on a hamburger icon which will slide the navigation bar open or closed (for which the “Push content aside” option in the toggle mode is the best one)    The issue I am having, which I guess is by design, is that I can open the sidebar, but as soon as i click out of the sidebar, the hamburger menu button is triggered again which makes the sidebar close. What I actually want is that the sidebar is only closed when clicking the hamburger icon again.   If anyone could help out it would be greatly appreciated!   Thanks, Henry
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Hi Henry,

I believe the behavior that you are looking for can be achieved with either the Shrink content (initially open) or Shrink content (initially closed) options in the scroll container region properties.

Hope this helps