Reference Selector and persistable / no persistable entity

Hi Expert, I have A,B and C reference selector(dependent dropdown) those use persistable entity, and data from MS SQL Database. B selector list data base on A selector choose. C selector list data base on B selector choose. However, the data is from database so I need to dynamic change B and C data list. (remove entity data and commit new data)  This behavior will delete entity data and load SQL database again. One user operates the form that is ok but when two user operate at the same time, the data display will abnormal even getting empty data. I would like to know if I can use reference selector for dynamic data from database? Now I’m trying to use no persistable entity but the reference selector attribute can’t find the non persistable entity attribute. selectable object can return I need list data but attrbute can’t be setup result in error I would like to know if any solution for using non persistable entity and dynamic data from database? Many thanks T____T        
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