How to restrict end-users to drag and drop the navigation menu items.

Hi Peers,   I’ve assigned with one bug in my recent project., where end-user will be able to drag and drop the menu-items here and there within the navigation list e.g. If there two menu-items present on navigation sidebar (‘A’ and ‘B’), and when we click and drag ‘B’ menu item and drop it over the ‘A’ menu item or vice-versa, then the dragged menu-item (in this example, menu-item ‘B’) is invisible on its specified place., which gives the result where in the in-appropriate UI behavior.    Note: When I am dragging the ‘B’ menu-item, it is not replacing the ‘A’ menu-item. The Dragged menu-item which is ‘B’, is only getting invisible at its place and it’s becoming visible only after clicking somewhere on the screen or navigate and open any other page, until then it is being invisible for user.    If someone can guide me to solve this issue, then it would be very appreciated.    Thank You. 
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