How to achieve enumeration images on Data Grid 2?

Hi Team,   I have a requirement to convert Data grid 1 to Data grid 2. so in data grid 1 we have functionality to show enumeration images on grid/UI but in Data grid 2 not able to find out way to achieve. Can anyone please suggest way to achieve it. Data grid 1 functionality-   Thanks,
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Hi there,


I can think of two possible solutions:


  1. Store the enumeration images in objects and make a 1-* relationship with your Response entity. However, this will require a lot of additional work through pages/microflows.


  1. Change the column in DataGrid2 to allow custom content and add static images and give them conditional visibility



This does mean you’ll have to add the images to an image collection to access them in the image widget


The end result will allow you to have images for your enumerations in DataGrid2:



Hope this helps,