Adjusting Icon Size

Hello dear community,   Previously, with your help, I learned how to adjust icon size in data / list grid view for enum pictures. I used the below code in main.scss and I was able to adjust my icons’ size; “ .product-enum-image img {     max-width: 30px !important;     max-height: 30px !important; } “   However now I have a strange problem. While all the icons are fit, one of them is still outsized;   What can be the root cause and how can I solve this issue? September field should be same as the other months. Please share your thoughts and recommendations.   Thank you very much for all your support and help in advance!
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Try font-size: 20px; on icon. Action button => Appearance => Common => Class => WebshopCart

Example to scale button and icon:

.WebshopCart {

    width: 83px;

    height: 38px;

        > span{

         font-size: 20px;