Using Nanoflows to tell the user form is not valid

I have a long form with some complex conditional validation for each question. In order to save they click a button to call a submit/finalize microflow. I have the “Abort on Validation” errors checked so the use won’t be able to submit  if certain validations.    The problem is, there’s no way they can tell that the form isn’t submitting without scrolling on the way up to see where the errors are. The user just assumes that the button is broken unless one of the validations is lucky enough to be near the button.    Is there a way WITHOUT using microflows to RE-VALIDATE every single field to simple alert the user that something is invalid and they need to go back and check. If I have to go back and RECREATE every single validation rule in the microflow, then what’s the point of even having the client side validation option in each textbox? 
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When that microflow creates validation feedback, switch a boolean value for a variable (“errorsFound” e.g.) and at the end of the microflow decide to show a popup that errors have been found to inform the user could be an option. Or use something like the toaster widget from for a more fancy option.

Not sure if this widget still works in your version, but this would scroll the screen to the validation error that was encountered:

Hopefully one of these options can help out in your situation.