How to create a menu with my own icons?

Hello,   I managed to create an image collection and put my icons in the menu, but they are not centered when the menu is closed because my image has no padding, unlike the glyphicons mendix has by default. How can i add a class to my images to add a padding to them?   In the near future, i would like to change properties of the menu, like the color, size, hover effect and more, but I didn’t see anything to do that.   Any help will be very appreciated :)  
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Hi Simon,

By opening the ‘Appearance’ tab within your image, you can change some of the image its properties and even add one or multiple custom CSS class(es). For example:



For clear instructions on how to create your custom styling within a Mendix project, I would suggest you to read the following guide:


There are also a couple of Learning Paths available that can help you get up to speed with custom styling.


Hope this helps.