Filter contents of data grid 2 on button click

I would like to filter contents of data grid 2 based on a set of search criterion. The criterion is comprised of drop downs which I want to be pre-populated.  I am not able to use the drop-down filter options in data grid 2 as I am not able to bind it to associations.   In general, can I use a microflow action on button to update contents in a data view or grid?   Appreciate your help.
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I was able to get this done. Essentially what I did was to wrap the component I wanted to filter (in my case a DataGrid2), in a Data View that holds an object with your filters.

Then the Data View needs a Datasource of Microflow, whereby an input parameter is the Filter object. When a filter object is committed, the microflow will refresh (as it's an input parameter). 


Hope this helps!!