What is the Modern client?

The latest version of Atlas Core on the marketplace includes the following comment: "If you are using the modern client, enable it by setting "$use-modern-client" to "true" in the "theme/web/exclusion-variables.scss" file." I searched the documentation, but there's no mention of what the modern client is. Is this just a reference to Mendix 10? I tried setting it and it broke my layout, so rather than just ignoring it, I'd prefer to understand it if possible   I am referring to this https://marketplace.mendix.com/link/component/117187
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Hi Colin,


Mendix web apps have traditionally used Dojo as the core JS framework. 'Mordern Client' in this context refers to the move away from Mojo towards React. My understanding is this will be released as a public beta in Studio Pro 10.7 with the aim of being GA by 10.12.