Best way to use custom icons in a Native App

Hi community,   I'm fairly new to building Native Apps and when it comes to styling, I'm still a bit lost. I have custom icons which I've uploaded to my app as a new icon collection (ttf file). I added one of these icons in my layout by using the Image Widget > Data Source 'Icon' > Selected the icon I want. However, after running the app with Make It Native, the icon doesn't show up. It only works when I pick one of the standard Mendix glyphicons, the Atlas icons won't show up either.   Does anyone have an idea what I'm missing here?
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I just noticed this within the release notes of 9.24.4:


We fixed an issue that allowed for adding custom icons to native pages, as native pages do not support custom icons. (Ticket 186783)


So it seems that using custom icons via an icon collection doesn't work for Native apps. Hope this helps for anyone else who's running into this problem.