Add styling to emails sent using E-mail connector

Hello all,   I'm using E-mail Connector module to send mails after certain occurences and I need to add proper styling to the mails which includes colored areas, images, etc.   I've created the styling on Visual Studio Code using html and CSS and whenever I paste the html code inside the template's html section, all of the styling gets thrown away, leaving only the most basic elements such as paragraph (<p>), headers (<h1), etc.    How can one style the mails in a flexible way because the interface that is provided within the Email connector template does not let me style the coloring, placement of the elements etc.   Thanks in advance.
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I've solved the problem by using inline styling to apply CSS rules to the html elements.

Also changing the settings of the Rich Text widget used in "SNIP_EmailTemplate_NewEdit" within the Email Connector module to provide more tools helps a lot.


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