Adding Dark Mode to my app

I am trying to implement dark-mode in my app, using this blog:   added _darkmode.scss file to myapp\themesource\mymodule\web, and copied html content from the blog added is as import to the main.scss in my module using @import "darkmode";  added a darkMode boolean to an already existing Preferences entity which has an Association to Account added a DataView listening to a microflow that reads the preferences added a Switch to the DataView that shows the current "darkMode" value added an On Event Nanoflow that updates the Preferences entity for the logged on user. it then calls the JavaScript Action using the current state of the DarkMode variable as a Parameter the JavaScript action is actually executed, verified this using"Enable Darkmode"); and"Disabe Darkmode"); which adds the correct comment to the Console log when using the Switch So, as far as I can tell, the contents of _darkmode.scss are not used. I tried by adding some nonsense to _darkmode.scss which is not causing any issues or logging that I can find.   How do I include the "main.scss" from my module into the App or how to verify it's being used at all?   Kind regards, Marco
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