Box-shadow on container gives shadow on every seperate element within the container

Hi community,   I have a container which includes some text and a button. I want to add a simple box-shadow to the container, so I gave it the following styling:   export const placeOrderContainer = { container: { backgroundColor: "rgba(255, 255, 255)", shadowColor: '#171717', shadowOffset: {width: -2, height: 4}, shadowOpacity: 1, shadowRadius: 1, } }   However, the container itself doesn't get the shadow, it is all the contents within the container that get shadows. This is obviously not what I want. Any ideas what exactly is going wrong here?  
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hi Martijn Muskens,

if the property is called in the container, then the elements in the container may acquire that property. so better use separate container for the place order button and apply boxshadow property only for that container.

hope it will be helpful!


Hi Martijn,


Have you made any progress in fixing this issue?


This is especially odd as there is no cascading in the styles on native mobile so I dont know how the styling would apply to the children of the container.