Steps to configure wizard circle

Hi Experts, Hope you doing good!!   I using wizard circle building block for first time to show the progress and need to know the steps to configure it and also to highlight that circle once user has filled details related to that section. Can you please advise the steps.   Thanks for all ideas and suggestions!
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Hi Malay,


The wizard circle building block is just a starting point for creating a wizard.  This forum post goes into more details about how to fully implement the wizard.


Hope this helps!


hi Malay Modi,

 1.use show page function in the container (Step 1) and call same page, apply active css property in that container.

2.In step2 and step3 containers call different pages which you want to configure and apply inactive css property to that containers.

3.go to page which is called in step 2 container, place wizard circle there too, in that page apply active color to step 2 and call same page in step 2. respective pages in step1 and step3, apply inactive css property to step1 & step3

5.folow these steps in following circles.

hope it will be helpful!