Alignment of Figma library with existing widgets & components

Hi all,   I see some widgets shown in official Figma doc different from what they look like in Mendix. eg, the elements in data grid2 like checkbox is not supported, and pagination style is different from what we see now in Mendix.   I'm wondering if the Figma resource is aligned with code? As designer how can we make sure the styles/features have been built in code?   Thanks!
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Thank you for raising this, they are indeed supposed to align with the components in Mendix/Atlas. By checkbox, do you mean the ones at the beginning of the row? You can activate them by allowing multi-selection and set the selection method to "checkbox".

We will investigate and fix the pagination style


HI Chenchen!

Thanks once again to bring this up for us


The checkbox problem like Takuma explained above, we do have this on DG2

and the pagination is now fixed on the figma community file.

Also , you can say that the UI Kit is the "source of true" regarding colors, types and components that we currently have on Atlas and studio pro, so in this sense is indeed aligned with the current code.