Displaying a dynamic image based on attribute values relatively on top of another image on Mendix

Hello,   I am currently working on an application for which I would like to display a first image and use this image as a background base, then display other images on top of it with position coordinates relative to the first background image. The idea is to be able to use the first image as a coordinate system and the other images will have coordinates with a percentage/number of pixels relative to the first image, for example: the bottom left corner of the first image will be considered the origin (0,0) and the other images would be treated like points (500px,500px). It should be responsive, as the page could be displayed on windows/screens with different dimensions so it should not affect the position of the points.  It should be dynamic, as the coordinates are based on attribute value that constantly change.   I already came across and tested some solutions with CSS (not the best method for my application) and I would like to know what are the other possible ways to achieve this.   Thank you in advance !  
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U can achieve this using dynamic classes 

Add a container with a dynamic classes based on the enumeration. In the css class - add background images. 

Inside the container u can add dynamic image.